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Silo Finance is currently in beta. A deposit cap of 500 ETH (250 ETH and 250 non-ETH) per silo is being enforced.
We currently support the following:
  • Chrome
  • Brave
  • Limited mobile support
We will gradually support more browsers and fit in useful mobile features.
Silo is a permissionless protocol controlled by $SILO token holders. The core team have no control over the protocol and cannot guarantee the safety of your funds.
When you use the Silo lending application you assume risk.
This section is an overview of different types of risk that you should expect when using the app. The list is in no way exhaustive of all risks that you might be exposed to.
Silo uses 3rd party price oracles that can be manipulated. The core team cannot track the strength of price oracles and cannot replace price oracles for deployed silos.
SiloDAO can replace price oracles for existing silos as well as freeze silos through on-chain voting. Freezing a silo poses liquidation and bad debt risk to lenders and borrowers.
Silo has been audited and formally verified. The deployed version differs from the one audited. All deployed contracts are formally verified.
There will be no insurance provided; in the event of an exploit, you will not be remunerated. Only use funds that you are willing to lose.
You are not allowed to use the Silo lending application if you are a citizen of, or accessing the app from the USA, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Crimea, or Eritrea.
Read Silo's Terms of Use.
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