The Lender

Lenders are users that want to deposit tokens into a lending market to earn interest or as collateral to borrow other tokens.

Deposit Page

The deposit page outlines key information for a lender.

Deposit APR

APR is the annualized interest rate a lender will earn for a specific token in that silo. Note deposits in some markets may be incentivized by emissions denoted in yellow.

This value is dependent on utilization and the token's interest rate configuration.


Utilization is an indication of borrowing activity for a token in a market, given by:

AvailableToBorrowTotalBorrowbleDeposits\frac {AvailableToBorrow}{TotalBorrowbleDeposits}

Historical APR

Historical APR shows changes in a token's APR over a period of time.

Lender Positions Tab

When a lender successfully makes a deposit, this will become visible in their positions tab.

From here, they have the option to withdraw their deposit, deposit more, or borrow against their position.

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