The Markets

A lending market is a series of smart contracts that facilitates lending and borrowing between users without the need for a centralized custodian. All tokens remain locked in a smart contract where no external party may access your funds.

Market Page

Silo consists of multiple individual markets consisting of a base asset and bridge asset(s) only.

Pictured here is the UI for Silo Arbitrum.


Lending markets only allow predetermined tokens to be lent or borrowed.

The left tab outlines the name of the market and is the only asset other than the bridge asset that can be used as collateral.

Available to Borrow

Available to borrow refers to the amount of tokens in a market that can be borrowed.

APR: Deposit/Borrow

APR refers to the interest rate a lender will earn or a borrower will pay.

Note that Silo also provides rewards for specific actions in specific silos, denoted in yellow.

Market Parameters

Opening a market will give you more information including market parameters.

Total Deposited

Total deposited is the total number and value of tokens deposited into a market. This includes both protected and borrowable deposits.

Available to Borrow

Available to borrow refers to the total number of tokens that can be borrowed in a market.

It is given by [Total Deposited - Tokens Utilized - Protected Deposits]


Utilization is the ratio of tokens in a silo that have been borrowed out.

It is given by Funds Available to Borrow/Total Borrowable Deposits for that specific token in the silo.

This value will change as users lend or borrow more funds.


Oracle refers to the price feed provider that is used by that token in that market. This is required to grab price data that is necessary to derive other parameters such as currentLTV.


APR is the annualized interest rate a lender will earn or a borrower will pay for a specific token in that silo. Note that some actions in some markets may be incentivized by emissions denoted in yellow.

This value is dependent on utilization and the token's interest rate configuration.

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