Creating a Silo

Silo is a decentralized protocol that implements permissionless money markets (silos). At the moment, silos can only be created for token assets with liquidity pools on Uniswap V3 (ETH pairs only) and Balancer V2.

Requesting Silos (community)

We propose the following process in monthly cycles to add new silos:

  1. Request silos by filling out this form. Anyone in the community can request silos.

  2. Core team gather request and post in the governance form under a monthly thread that will update continuously. Community can discuss requested markets in the Discord and governance forum.

  3. Community runs a snapshot vote on requested markets. Votes must include collateral parameters and price oracle for each silo.

  4. Core team carefully screens voted markets and shares recommendations on collateral parameters, price oracles, and interest model configuration for each token asset.

  5. The Core team, or the community, creates on-chain votes to deploy silos based on vote results.

Since deploying markets require core team supervision, adding new silos will be limited to 5-10 markets per month. The team is working on tools that the broader community can use to deploy markets in faster cycles.

Configuring Silos (developers)

The configuration process of new silos is highly technical. If you consider configuring silos directly without going through the aforementioned process, follow steps detailed in this guide.​

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