Lending (Depositing)

1. Select your market

You can deposit into any market that supports your chosen token as collateral. Base assets have dedicated silos whilst bridge assets can be deposited into any silo.

Click the market you want to deposit into (you can sort markets by clicking the label at the top of each column).

2. Select your deposit token

Each market supports a base asset and the bridge asset(s).

Click the token to open a drop-down menu that lists all supported tokens in that silo.

Select the token you would like to deposit.

3. Deposit tokens

Enter the amount of tokens you would like to deposit.

If you would like to make your deposit borrowable, ensure that 'Borrowable Deposit' is set to 'Yes'.

Refer here to understand the difference between Borrowable and Protected Deposits

Click 'Deposit' and follow the prompts (you may need to approve transactions first).

Congratulations, you have successfully deposited onto Silo!

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