The Borrower

Borrowers are users that take out a loan from a lending market against collateral that they have deposited - as such, borrowers are both lenders (unless using protected deposit) and borrowers in a lending market.

Borrow Page

The borrow page outlines key information for a borrower.

Available to Borrow

Available to Borrow refers to the amount of tokens a user may borrow based on their collateral deposited and that collateral's maxLTVmaxLTV.

This is given by:

AvailableToBorrow=ValueOfCollateral×maxLTVAvailableToBorrow= ValueOfCollateral \times maxLTV


The CurrentLTVCurrentLTV is a comparison of the value of a user's collateral and loan positions.

This is given by:

CurrentLTV=ValueLoanValueCollateralCurrentLTV= \frac {Value_{Loan}}{Value_{Collateral}}

While this is not shown on the UI, it is proxied by Health Factor which also accounts for the collateral's Liquidation Threshold.

Health Factor

HealthFactorHealthFactor is a ratio that indicates how close a position is to being liquidated - at a HealthFactorHealthFactor of 0%, the position may be signalled for liquidation.

This is given by:

HealthFactor=1CurrentLTVLiquidationThresholdHealthFactor=1- \frac {CurrentLTV}{LiquidationThreshold}

Any factor that affects a user's currentLTV or the Liquidation Threshold will affect Health Factor, including:

  • Changes in price of collateral token

  • Changes in price of borrowed token

  • Interest accrued

  • Withdrawal of collateral

  • Repayment of loan

Current APR

APRAPR is the annualized interest rate a borrower will pay for a specific token in that silo.

This value is dependent on utilization and the token's interest rate configuration.

Projected APR

Projected APRAPR is the expected APRAPR for specific token in that silo at current utilization rates. This figure will only be shown if APRAPR state is not stable.

APR State

APRAPR state for a token can either stable or unstable.

An unstable APRAPR state is where utilization exceeds the critical threshold, meaning interest rates will increase with a time-based multiplier even if utilization remains constant.


MaxLTVMaxLTV is the maximum CurrentLTVCurrentLTV that a position can be .

MaxLTVMaxLTV is specific for each token in a given silo.

Liquidation Threshold

The LiquidationThresholdLiquidationThreshold is the CurrentLTVCurrentLTV at which a user's position may be signalled for liquidation. Note thatn when CurrentLTVCurrentLTV is equal to LiquidationThresholdLiquidationThreshold, the position's HealthFactorHealthFactor will be equal to zero.

LiquidationThresholdLiquidationThreshold is specific for each token in a given silo.

Max Liquidation Fee

The MaxLiquidationFeeMaxLiquidationFee is the portion of a borrower's collateral that will be used to pay liquidators in the event of liquidation.

This is given by:


Protocol Fee

ProtocolFeeProtocolFee is the portion of a borrower's interest that goes to SiloDAO.

Borrower Positions Tab

When a borrower successfully makes a deposit, this will become visible in their positions tab.

Borrowers can view their deposit and borrow position as well as some other key metrics.

Borrowing Power Used

BorrowingPowerBorrowingPower used is a ratio of a borrower's CurrentLTVMaxLTV\frac {CurrentLTV}{MaxLTV}.

Users may not borrow any more or withdraw collateral when BorrowingPowerBorrowingPower is 100%.

Liquidation Price

A LiquidationPriceLiquidationPrice is shown for both collateral and borrow tokens.

Assuming the price of the collateral token remains stable, liquidation price indicates the price loan token can reach before a position is liquidated (vice versa for the loan token).

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