$SILO Reward Program

The $SILO reward program rewards certain Silo users with $SILO that have been bought back using DAO revenue. Eligible markets are denoted with a yellow APR on the dApp.

The current reward program is scheduled to last until the end of June 2024. The rewards allocations are in this spreadsheet.


Silo is integrated with Merkl by Angle Protocol to allow use of tokens other than $SILO to provide incentives. This enables protocols looking to expand Silo liquidity to provide additional rewards in tokens of their own choice.

Our current partners include Premia Finance and Camelot.


Certain markets receive points provided by external protocols. Eligible markets are denoted by a 'Points' tooltip that can be hovered over to show full details.

Markets that are currently eligible for points include:

  1. weETH

  2. ezETH

  3. rsETH

  4. PT-eETH

  5. PT-rsETH

  6. PT-rswETH

Issues with points should be referred to the providing protocol since these are not managed by Silo.

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