• Incoming: 6,375 ETH transferred on December 9, 2021 as a result of the token auction
  • Outgoing: 2,925 ETH transferred on February 14, 2022 to the development fund, executing on SIP3
  • Outgoing: 2,553 ETH transferred on March 15, 2022 to the development fund, executing on SIP4
SIP4 was executed successfully on March 15,2022. 4,411,095 USDC was reimbursed to the development fund to cover the cost of buying $CVX, as the table below explains.
Cost of buying $CVX
Asset cost
Transaction fees (buying $CVX)
Transaction fees (Selling ETH)
Total Cost
Amount transferred from DAO
Excess funds in USDC*
Today, SiloDAO holds 897 ETH directly in addition to the following assets via the development fund: