Borrowing against Curve LP tokens

How to borrow using Curve LPs collateral

You can use Curve LP tokens as collateral to borrow ETH or XAI to leverage your yield.
Borrowing against Curve LP tokens is easy.
  1. 1.
    Approve spending.
  2. 2.
    Deposit Curve LP tokens.
  3. 3.
    Borrow ETH, XAI, or both.

Curve LP silos

You can borrow ETH/XAI in the following isolated lending markets:
  • stETH-ETH silo
  • FRAX/USDC silo
  • LUSD/3CRV silo


Q: What if my Curve LP tokens are staked on Convex?

A: You need to unstake your Curve LP tokens deposited on Convex Finance before you can deposit them on Silo.

Q: Do I earn Convex rewards when I deposit Curve LP tokens on Silo?

A: Yes, When you deposit your Curve LP tokens on Silo, you automatically earn all Convex rewards because we deposit your LP tokens on Convex in the same deposit transaction you make on Silo.
Rewards include:
  • Base Curve vAPR
  • CRV vAPR
  • CVX vAPR
  • Additional rewards vAPR (LDO rewards, applicable only to stETH/ETH silo)
PS: Silo doesn't charge any fee on your earned rewards.

Q: How can I claim my Convex rewards?

A: Visit Convex Finance and claim your rewards under the Claim UI.

Q: Can others borrow my deposited Curve LP tokens?

A: No, Curve LP tokens are non-borrowable.

Q: Do you lock my Curve LP tokens?

A: No, you can remove your Curve LP deposits anytime.

Q: Why is depositing Curve LP tokens expensive?

A: When you deposit Curve LP tokens into a silo, you are taking four actions bundled together in one transaction as follows:
  • Staking Curve LP tokens into a Convex pool
  • Minting Silo sTokens as a claim on your deposit.
  • Depositing Silo sTokens into the Silo.
View this example transactions to deposit stETH-ETH Curve LP token into the ETH/stETH silo.

Q: Is Silo-Curve integration audited?

A: Yes, The integration is fully audited by ChainSecurity. View the audit report.
The audit covers the following released contracts:
  • Custom oracles with protection against reentrancy.
  • Convex Wrapper contract
  • Silo-Convex factory
  • RouterV2